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2009 Visiting Lecture Series – A Scholarly Potpourri


“A Scholarly Potpourri”

The Department of Anthropology has sponsored the Visiting Lecturer program for 33 years. We are fortunate to have this speaker’s series as there are few like it in the entire nation. Without a doubt, this is an extraordinary opportunity for you to become more familiar with current research in contemporary anthropology.

A primary objective is to provide students and faculty the chance to meet leading scholars in anthropology and related disciplines to learn more about their previous and continuing research. Another major objective of this class is to provide students with an overview of the diversity of research subsumed under anthropology and related disciplines. Selected faculty and graduate students from UT will talk about their research, to give you an idea what being an anthropologist is all about and hopefully inspire you to make your own unique contributions to the discipline.

  • ANTH 550 (For Graduate Students) – Contemporary Issues in Anthropology
    Mondays @ 11:00 am – 12:30 pm/Hodges Library Auditorium
  • ANTH 357/450 (For Undergraduate Students) – Current Trends in Anthropology
    Tuesday–Thursday @ 3:40 – 4:55 pm (every class period)

Coordinator: Dr. Gerald Schroedl
On behalf of the faculty of the Department of Anthropology, The University of Tennessee


Date Guest Speaker Topic
ANTH 357/450 September 1 Fred Smith, Illinois State University Neandertals and the Fallacy of “Race” in Biological Anthropology
ANTH 550 September 2 Fred Smith Africans, Neandertals and the Origin of Modern Europeans
ANTH 357/450 September 8 James O’Connell, University of Utah Peopling of Australia
September 9 James O’Connell How Do We Know When People First Reached Australia and New Guinea?
ANTH 357/450 September 22 Brett Riggs, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill The Darkest Part of the Nation: The Archaeology of Cherokee Life in Southwestern North Carolina at the Time of Removal
ANTH 550 September 23 Brett Riggs That Remarkable Elasticity of Character”: Catawba Political and Economic Strategies in the post-Contact Era
ANTH 357/450 September 29 John Worth, University of West Florida Spanish Florida in the Sixteenth Century
ANTH 550 September 30 John Worth Integrating Documentary and Archaeological Data into Anthropological Research: Examples from the Spanish Colonial Era
ANTH 357/450 October 1 David H. Thomas, American Museum of Natural History Those Elusive Spanish Missions:
Romance and Reality in America’s Mythical Mission Past
ANTH 550 October 2 David H. Thomas Aboriginal Landscapes of St. Catherines Island: Hocus Pocus or Dangerously Close to Science?
ANTH 357/450 October 13 T.R. Kidder, Washington University, St. Louis Sanyangzhuang: A Buried Han Dynasty Community in the Yellow River
ANTH 550 October 14 T.R. Kidder A New History of Poverty Point: A Late Archaic Culture in the Lower Mississippi Valley
ANTH 357/450 October 20 Charles Cobb, University of South Carolina TBA
ANTH 550 October 21 Charles Cobb TBA
ANTH 357/450 October 29 John Nunley, St. Louis Art Museum and Memphis University Trinidad Carnival and the Cooling Effects of Art
ANTH 550 October 30 John Nunley Embedded Memory: Slavery, African Art and Ritual
ANTH 357/450 November 10 Jillian Galle, Thomas Jefferson Monticello TBA
ANTH 550 November 11 Jillian Galle TBA
Any member of the University community or interested public is welcome to attend any lecture in this series.