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2012 Visiting Lecture Series – Anthropology & Religion


“Anthropology and Religion”

For more than three decades, the Department of Anthropology at the University of Tennessee has invited a group of significant Anthropologists to campus each year in order to give the department access to cutting edge research in the anthropological disciplines.  Two courses have been built around the visitors, one undergraduate and one graduate, with lectures presented in each one.  This year is no exception, and this course is the graduate section of the visiting lecture series.

This semester, the focus of the course is on Anthropology and Religion.  Speakers from various sub-disciplines of Anthropology whose research focusses on the human religious experience are included.

In addition to the visiting lectures, this course will also be used to provide more intensive orientation to graduate students by exposing them to the entire Anthropology faculty and the research being carried out in the Department.   This will be done over the first few weeks of the semester, when nearly all faculty and research staff in Anthropology and its units will visit and address the course.


Anthropology 357/450
TR 3:50-4:45 MM63

Anthropology 550
MW 10:10-11:00 A&A111

  • Liv Stutz, Emory University (Biological)
    • September 24
      Anthro 550.  A Taphonomy of Ritual Pratice.
    • September 25
      Anthro 450.  The Mesolithic Way of Death.
  • Jason  Jackson, Indiana University (Cultural)
    • October 3
      Anthro 550.  What Can We Make of James Adair’s “Feast Of Love?” Contextualizing A Native American Ceremonial from the Lower Mississippi Valley, ca. 1765
    • October 4
      Anthro 450.  The Ceremonial Arts of Community-Making among the Yuchi (Euchee) and their Neighbors
  • Simon  Coleman , University of Toronto (Cultural)
    • October 15
      Anthro 550. Pilgrimage as a Paradigm for Studying Religion
    • October 16
      Anthro 450. Religion Matters: Why You Can’t Understand Religion Unless You
      Understand Materiality
  • George Sabo, University of Arkansas (Archaeology)
    • October 22
      Anthro 550. Heroes on a Half Shell: Reading Religion in Spiroan Art
    • October 23
      Anthro 450. Sky People, Earth People: Rock Art and Religion in Ancient North American Landscapes
  • Tiffiny Tung, Vanderbilt University (Biological)
    • October 24
      Anthro 550. Ritualized Violence in the Ancient and Modern Andes
    • October 25
      Anthro 450. Captives for Sacrifice, Captives for Life: A Social Bioarchaeology of Militarism & Ritualism in the Wari Empire
  • Celeste  Ray, Sewanee—The University of the South (Cultural)
    • October 29
      Anthro 550. Folk Liturgy and Thaumaturgy in the Sacred Landscapes of Ireland’s Holy Wells
    • October 30
      Anthro 450 Blessed Trout, Healing Waters: Ireland’s Saints and Their Holy Wells
  • Margaret Conkey, University of California—Berkeley (Archaeology)
    • November 5
      Anthro 550. Observing Unobservables? Can there be an Archaeology of Gender and Belief?
    • November 6
      Anthro 450. Beyond Herzog: Recent Research on Paleolithic Art
  • Eugenie  Scott, National Center for Science Education (Biological)
    • November 13
      Anthro 450.   Science and Religion Today
    • November 14
      Anthro 550.   Science and Religion Today
  • T. R. Kidder, Washington University of St. Louis (Archaeology)
    • November 28
      Anthro 550.   Pilgrimage at Poverty Point
    • November 29
      Anthro 450.   Religion and Climate Change in Ancient China