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Andean Population Genetic Prehistory

Graciela Cabana

This project broadly addresses:

  • How human behavior affect the genetics of populations?
  • What variables have shaped the demographic structure of modern native communities?
  • Can we describe a relationship among genetics, geography, language, group structure, group size, and mating patterns in those communities?
  • When did each or any of these factors come into play?  At the time of colonization, during population expansion, or during some key historical event(s)?

I began this project as part of my NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship. The project is in collaboration with Anne Stone at Arizona State University, as well as Peruvian colleagues Veronica Rubín de Celis Massa at the Universidad Ricardo Palma (Lima, Peru) and Beatriz Lizárraga at the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos, also in Lima, Peru.

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