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Course Scheduling for Spring 2023

This form is for use by instructors in Anthropology to request meeting times for their course(s). Be sure to complete a form for each course that you instruct that has a meeting time and location. Your responses will help the Curriculum Committee to organize and schedule courses each semester. Keep in mind that our goal is to maximize student access to courses, and to maximize enrollments, so think about teaching at times that are slightly less popular.
Items to keep in mind:
  • You should request a schedule start time that is a Valid Class Time (see below).
  • Per University rules, no more than 70% of all departmental sections may be scheduled during Prime Time, denoted by classes starting at the following times:
    • MWF – 9:10, 10:20, 11:30, 12:40, 1:50
    • TR – 8:10, 9:45, 11:20, 12:55, 2:30
  • Only 10% of all departmental sections may be scheduled at Non-Valid Class Times. Exceptions are evening classes starting after 5:30 and sections/labs meeting in departmental rooms.

You are asked if your course must be taught in a single (typically three-hour) session. If there is flexibility in the structure of the course that would allow two or three meetings over the course of a week, the committee asks that you only specify one option that is a single session. For example, a graduate theory course may be taught once a week (for a three-hour session), or twice a week in two one-hour fifteen minute sessions.

The department schedule will be built around several courses. Our large-enrollment courses require special consideration, and so these will be given priority in scheduling.


Course Scheduling for Spring 2023

  • Your information

  • Course Details

  • If this is an undergraduate course, what official category would it belong to?
  • Course meeting preferences

    Course meeting preferences. Below, please give at least two (2) and up to three (3) options for course meeting times, in order of preference. Please be aware that your first preference may not be possible, as we work to minimize course scheduling conflicts, so giving three options will help the committee. Unless the course requires a single meeting time, you may only request one three-hour block meeting time among your preferences. See the Guidelines on the first page for Valid Meeting Times.
  • Does this course require a single meeting time each week? That is, does the course design require that it meets in a single, three-hour block?
  • If you answered yes, please provide your preferred meeting time:
  • Do you need a 511, 501, 522, 611, 660, 690 section for graduate students? Please specify. This information is required at the earliest. Sections cannot be easily added later due to new regulations.
  • If you choose 'No' a room will be assigned to your course.