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Course Scheduling for Spring 2024

This form is for use by instructors in Anthropology to provide additional details about their course(s) to aid in timetable construction.

  • Please indicate the days and times during the week you CANNOT teach.
  • Let us know if your course should be taught in a single session (typically three hours), or if you prefer two or three meetings each week. For example, a graduate theory course may be taught once a week (for a three-hour session), or twice a week in two one-hour fifteen minute sessions.
  • Let us know if you need to have your course meet in a specific room.

The department schedule will be built around several courses. Our large-enrollment courses require special consideration, and so these will be given priority in scheduling.

Course Scheduling for Spring 2024

  • Your information

  • Course Details

  • If this is an undergraduate course, what official category would it belong to?
  • Please note when you will NOT BE ABLE to teach, so we can find a suitable time slot for your course that works with these limits in mind.
  • Does this course require a single meeting time each week? That is, does the course design require that it meets in a single, three-hour block?
  • If you answered yes, please provide your preferred meeting time:
  • Do you need a 511, 501, 522, 611, 660, 690 section for graduate students? Please specify. This information is required at the earliest. Sections cannot be easily added later due to new regulations.
  • If you choose ‘No’ a room will be assigned to your course.