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Diversity Related Anthropology Courses

These courses outline differences amongst human beings in depth and approach difference through a prism of power. 

ANTH 130/137 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

ANTH 303 Biology and Society

ANTH 309 Principles in Biological Anthropology

ANTH 313 Cultures of Mexico and Latin America

ANTH 314 Latinos in the United States

ANTH 315 The African Diaspora

ANTH 320 American Cultures

ANTH 325 Migration and Transnationalism 

ANTH 364 – African Archaeology 

ANTH 370 Gender and Globalization

ANTH 411 Queer Anthropology 

ANTH 416 Engaged Anthropology

ANTH 410 Principles of Cultural Anthropology 

ANTH 413 Dynamics of Health and Illness

ANTH 414 Political Anthropology

ANTH 419 Anthropology of Human Rights

ANTH 421 Refugees and Displaced People

ANTH 422 Anthropology of Global Inequality 

ANTH 423 Anthropology of Gender

ANTH 425 Humanitarianism

ANTH 454 Archaeology of the African Diaspora 

ANTH 459 Public Heritage and Community Archaeology

ANTH 471 (583) Human Paleopathology 

ANTH 510 Method and Theory in Anthropology

ANTH 531 Ethnographic Field Method

ANTH 571 Forensic Anthropology I

ANTH 690 Ethics and Professionalism in Forensic Anthropology