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Human Osteometric and Anthropometric Variation

Richard Jantz

SkeletonCurrent research projects in quantitative osteometric and anthropometric variation among Native American populations, ranging from those as old as 10,000 years up to early 20th century. Databases are maintined for student and faculty research. These databases include:

  • Boas anthropometrics: Body measurements on ca. 15,000 Native Americans and 2000 Siberians, mostly measured during the late 19th and early 20th century.
  • Forensic-osteometric and other forensic data from ca. 1500 recent american skeletons
  • Heinz Brehme Dermatoglyphic Database: ridge-counts, pattern classifications on ca. 50,000 people from most parts of the world, plus 5000 individuals in families, including twin families.
  • Plains osteometric cranial and postcranial morphometric data on ca. 2000 individuals, primarily from the Great Plains region, but also containing a number from the Great Basin, the Southwest and Northwest.