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Boyce N. Driskell

Boyce N. Driskell

Former Director & Research Professor, Archaeological Research Laboratory


Cultural resource management, lithic technology (including microscopic usewear analysis), basketry technology, Southeastern U.S. archaeology, Ohio Valley archaeology, and Near Eastern archaeology, primarily the Nile Valley.
Registered Professional Archaeologist; Certified ARPA Investigator.


  • Ph.D. 1984, University of Kentucky. Dissertation: An Integrated Method for Functional Analysis of Chipped Stone Archaeological Assemblages and its Application in Plowzone Archaeology
  • M.A. 1977, University of Kentucky. Thesis: Determinants of the Ratio of Space per Person: A Predictive Model
  • B.A. 1973, University of Alabama.


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2004   Chronology and Stratigraphy at Dust Cave, Alabama. American Antiquity 69(30):533-554.

Walker, Renee, Kandice Detwiler, Scott Meeks and Boyce Driskell
2001   Berries, Bones, and Blades: Reconstructing Late Paleoindian Subsistence Economy at Dust Cave, Alabama. Midcontinental Journal of Archaeology 26(2)169-197.

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1998   Assessment of Use-Wear Traces on Chipped Stone Tools. In: Wilson-Leonard: An 11,000-year Record of hunters-Gatherers in Central Texas, Texas Archaeological Research Laboratory, University of Texas, Studies in Archaeology 31: 732-744.

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Driskell, Boyce
1996   Stratified Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene Deposits at Dust Cave, North west Alabama. In:The Paleoindian and Early Archaic Southeast, David Anderson and Kenneth Sassaman (eds.), University of Alabama Press, Tuscalo osa pp. 315-330.
1986   The Chipped Stone Tool Production/Use Cycle: Its Potential in Activity Analysis of Disturbed Sites . British Archaeological Reports (BAR), International Series, No. 305, Oxford, England.

Boyce N. Driskell

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