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Devin Adcox

Ph.D. Student


Preferred pronouns: He/Him/His

Subdiscipline: Biological Anthropology


Devin is a PhD student working under Dr. Dawnie Steadman. He research is primarily focused on traumatic injuries. This extends to both forensic and bioarchaeological contexts. His past research has used biomechanics and fractography to understand gunshot trauma to long bones. As an undergraduate, Devin worked alongside Dr. Tiffany Saul and Dr. Hugh Berryman on the Forensic Anthropology Search and Recovery (FASR) Team. During his time on the team, he assisted with forensic case work across the state of Tennessee, and he performed public outreach services. In addition to these activities, Devin worked with Dr. Berryman and Dr. Shannon Hodge to help identify US soldiers that died in the battle of Monterrey during the Mexican American War. This was a multifaceted project that involved DNA analysis, stable isotopes, and trauma analysis. As a masters student at Chico State, Devin continued to work on forensic case work and was involved in several mass fatality recovery efforts. While he was there, Devin worked closely with other students. He helped with the 18th annual Chico Forensic Conference and Co-organized the 19th annual conference. Additionally, he and a group of his cohort analyzed craniofacial fracture patterns in a 19th century skeletal population from California which was recently presented at the American Association of Biological Anthropology meetings. Over the summers, Devin has worked as an autopsy technician for the Davidson County Medical Examiner’s office. However, most recently, Devin worked with Dr. Tiffany Saul and Dr. Adam Fracchia on multiple DPAA joint partnership missions in France. In this role, he helped teach students excavation techniques, mapping, artifact cataloging, and artifact classification.

Curriculum Vitae


M.A., California State University. Anthropology. 2023.

  • Thesis: "The Application of Forensic Fractography to High Velocity Projectile Trauma in Long Bones: Relationships to Velocity and Caliber"

B.S., Middle Tennessee State University. Anthropology. 2019.

  • Thesis: "The Utility of Digital Imaging Technologies for the Virtual Curation and Metric Analysis of Skeletal Remains"


Professional Service

American Academy of Forensic Sciences, American Academy of Biological Anthropologists

Contact Information