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Karim Alizadeh

Karim Alizadeh



Social inequality and complexity, landscape archaeology, early urbanism, archaeology of empires, borders and borderlands, decline and collapse, ethnicity, cultural heritage, identity politics and nationalism, archaeology of SW Asia, archaeology of the Caucasus


Ph.D. (2015), Anthropology, Harvard University

M.A. (2001), Archaeology, the University of Tehran

B.A. (1998), Archaeology, the University of Tehran


See my personal website for a full list of publications

Alizadeh, Karim, M. Rouhollah Mohammadi, Sepideh Maziar, and Mohmmad Feizkhah, 2021, "Islamic Conquest or Flooding? The Collapse of Late Antique Sasanian Settlements and Irrigation Systems in the Mughan Steppe, Iranian Azerbaijan," Journal of Field Archaeology 46(5): 316-332 (

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Alizadeh, Karim, 2019, "Overlapping Social and Political Boundaries: Borders of the Sasanian Empire and the Muslim Caliphate in the Caucasus." in The Archaeology of Medieval Islamic Frontiers: From the Mediterranean to Nile to Caspian Sea. Asa Eger (Ed.). Pp. 139-167. Louisville, CO: University Press of Colorado (

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Alizadeh, Karim, Sepideh Maziar, and M. Rouhollah Mohammadi, 2018, "The End of the Kura-Araxes Culture as Seen from Nadir Tepesi in Iranian Azerbaijan," American Journal of Archaeology 122 (3): 463–477 (

Alizadeh, Karim, Hamed Eghbal, and Siavash Samei, 2015, “Approaches to Social Complexity in Kura-Araxes Culture: A View from Köhne Shahar (Ravaz) in Chaldran, Iranian Azerbaijan.” Paléorient 41(1):37-54 (

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Karim Alizadeh

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