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Sara Fatula

Ph.D. Student


Subdiscipline: Biological Anthropology


Sara received her M.A. from the University of Tennessee in 2020. Her master's thesis involved examining the presence of metastatic soft tissue cancerous lesions using both visual inspection of dry bone and radiographic images. Future research interests include studying the interactions of skeletal biology and overlying soft tissue in disease manifestation, examining the influence of medical interventions on disease dry bone appearance, developing better methods of diagnosing disease in dry bone, and the shifting manifestations and prevalence of disease over time. She is also pursuing a minor in epidemiology to apply current public health principles to past populations. During her time at the University of Tennessee, Sara has been actively involved with the Forensic Anthropology Center by assisting with forensic casework and lecturing for short courses and outreach.


Forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, paleopathology, skeletal biology


M.A., University of Tennessee. Anthropology. 2020.


B.S., Mercyhurst University. Anthropology and Archaeology. 2017.

  • Concentration: bioarchaeology


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Contact Information

  • Chair: Dr. Dawnie W. Steadman