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Timothy E. Baumann

Research Associate Professor; Curator of Archaeology


Southeast and Midwest U.S.; late prehistoric and historical archaeology; culture contact; identity; race/racism and ethnicity; ceramic analysis; African Diaspora; museum studies; public history; historic preservation


  • Ph.D. 2001, Anthropology, University of Tennessee
  • M.S. 1995, Anthropology, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
    • Graduate Certificate, Museum Studies
    • Graduate Certificate, Public History
  • B.A. 1991, Anthropology, University of Missouri, Columbia



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  • 2011 The Legacy of Lilly, Black, and the W PA at Angel Mounds near Evansville, Indiana. The SAA Archaeological Record 11(5):34-38. (T. Baumann, G. W. Monaghan, C. Peebles, C. Marshall, A. Krus, and J. Marshall)
  • 2010 Pottery, Passages, Postholes, and Porcelain: Essays in Honor of Charles H. Faulkner. Report of Investigation No. 53, Department of Anthropology, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Occasional Paper No. 22, Frank H. McClung Museum, University of Tennessee, Knoxville. (co-editors T. Baumann and  M. Groover)
  • 2009 The Web of Cultural Identity: A Case Study of African-American Identity and “Soul Food.” Tennessee Archaeology 4(1&2):66-93.  (T. Baumann)
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