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Through Study and Service Abroad (in Uganda) Keep Smiling!

ugandaThe 2014 UT Gulu Study and Service Abroad Program (GSSAP) team at the local art centre known as TAKS (Through Art Keep Smiling). Smiling from left to right (rear) are Omar King, Jordan Bakke, Paige Parker, Dr. Tricia Hepner, Jake Schindler; (middle, right to left) Esther Choo, Winnie Lawoko-Olwe, Dennis Ongora, Tracy Hicks, Olivia Bradley, Dr. Rosalind I. J. Hackett; (front, left to right) Annie Epley, Colleen Ryan, Kirsten Fox, Austyn Grooms; (front) Emmy Wokorach.

Established in 2011, the five-week GSSAP program in northern Uganda offers UT students the opportunity to engage in both international service-learning and intensive study of conflict and peace building. It combines rigorous academic reflection with internship experience among local organizations, allowing students to put knowledge in context as they work with individuals and groups who are promoting peace and development in this war-affected region.

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