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Visiting Lecture Series 2018 – Memory

Visiting Lecture Series Fall 2018 Schedule

9/12 How shall we remember? Christy Coleman

CEO The American Civil War Museum, Historic Tredegar

The American Civil War is among the most written about subject in our nation’s history. Over 150 years since its end, Americans of every background grapple with not only its causes but also its enduring legacies. This is evident in symbols dotting the public landscape to imagery eliciting a range of emotional responses. How is it that a singular event could have such disparate meaning? What role do public and academic historians play in helping their communities navigate these issues?
10/2 Title TBA Dr. Charles Cobb, James E. Lockwood, Jr.,

Professor of Historical Archaeology, Florida Museum of Natural History

10/8 Title TBA Dr. Sarah Wagner

Associate Professor of Anthropology, George Washington University

10/10 Title TBA Roger and Shawna Cain

Cherokee National Treasures, Cherokee artists


10/24 This Atom Bomb in Me: Memory, Mimesis, and Poetics Dr. Lindsey Freeman

Assistant Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Simon Fraser University

 In On Hashish, Walter Benjamin muses that he would “like to write something that comes from things the way wine comes from grapes.” In this talk, I will discuss a similar project by squeezing things from my past that have been fermented over time with memory. I take as the starting point various objects and spaces from my childhood experiences in and around the atomic city of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, which may or may not be shared by others who encountered atomic Appalachia.
11/13 Title TBA Dr. Meg Conkey

Professor Emerita, University of California Berkeley

11/27 Title TBA Dr. Zaneta Thayer

Assistant Professor of Anthropology, Dartmouth College

Date TBA Title TBA Dr. Lawrence Cohen

Professor of Anthropology, University of California Berkeley


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