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Andrew Kramer

Andrew Kramer

Emeritus Professor; former Associate Dean of Academic Personnel


Biological Anthropology (Paleoanthropology); fossil species recognition; teaching evolution; Southeast Asia


  • Ph.D. 1989, Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • M.A. 1982, Anthropology, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
  • B.A. 1980, Anthropology, University of California, Berkeley


  • Kramer, A, Durband, AD and Weinand, DC (2009) Teaching the “E-Word” in Tennessee: Student misconceptions and the persistence of anti-evolutionary ideas. Reports of the National Center for Science Education 29(6):18-22, 27-28.
  • Kramer, A. 2005. Biospeciation versus morphospeciation in the later human fossil record: Lessons learned from non-human primate socioecology. Anthropologie - International Journal of the Science of Man 43(2-3):199-206.
  • Kramer, A., Djubiantono, T., Aziz, F., Bogard, J.S., Weeks, R.A., Weinand, D.C., Hames, W.E., Elam, J.M., Durband, A.C., and Agus. 2005. The first hominid fossil recovered from West Java, Indonesia. Journal of Human Evolution 48:661-667.
  • Weeks, R.A., Bogard, J.S., Elam, J.M., Weinand, D.C. and Kramer, A. 2003. Effects of thermal annealing on the radiation produced electron paramagnetic resonance spectra of bovine and equine tooth enamel: Fossil and modern. Journal of Applied Physics 93(12):9880-9889.
  • Kramer, A. 2002. Paleoanthropology at home and in the field. In AS Ryan (ed.): A Guide to Careers in Physical Anthropology. Westport, CT: Bergin & Garvey, pp. 65-83.
  • Kramer, A., Crummett, T.L., and Wolpoff, M.H. 2001. Out of Africa and into the Levant: Replacement or admixture in western Asia? Quaternary International 75:51-63.
  • Kramer, A., and Donnelly, S.M. 2001. Species recognition among the robust hominids from Java. In F Sémah, C Falguères, D Grimaud-Hervé, and A-M Sémah (eds.) Origin of Settlements and Chronology of the Paleolithic Cultures in Southeast Asia. Paris: Semenanjung, pp. 359-375.
Andrew Kramer

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